Faber-Castell Drawing Easy Grip Finger Wax Crayons


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Grip Crayons are uniquely designed to assist children in their fine motor skills development. The shape and size of the crayons help the child to have better grip and superior control to draw and create larger pictures. With vibrant colors and a playful look, children are excited to draw with it. The dotted texture and shape gives it a non-slip grip surface.

Grip Crayons can be used from both the side. Can make broad lines, convenient to color big space. Age-4+ Faber-Castell ball crayons are easy to grab as they come in a ball shape to draw children’s interest towards drawing. The grip dots on the crayons provide a firm grip to toddlers to scribble. The crayons are long-lasting, break resistant and non-flaky. These crayons come in vibrant colors, and are clean, safe and washable from most clothing and surfaces.

This pack includes 6 Crayons (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Brown) in a durable wallet for easy storage.

Features and Specifications
– Large, thick shape is easy for little hands to hold
– Unique finger design encourages a digital grasp
– Erasable pigments create a worry-free learning environment
– Bright high-quality colors easily cover large areas
– Rich crayon formula is non-toxic and safe for little ones
– Washes out of most fabrics for peace of mind and easy clean-up

What’s in the box
6x Faber-Castell Crayons (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Brown)


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